Apr. 10th, 2009 12:26 pm
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I have a dog (and two cats, but this post is about my dog).

He was a 'gift' from 'friends'. I found dog sitting turned into dog owning after a while. :) Worked out for me and the dog, Rusty.

He has some quirks. He dislikes a lot of other animals. He'll tolerate and play with the animals I like, but I get the feeling he's just humoring me. I asked my vet about his behavior and the she just told me some house pets are territorial. Rusty hasn't shown any aggression towards my cats. 

We're a happy family.

I walk Rusty a couple of times a day. There are a lot of empty fields around here for him to do his business in. I clean up after him. I sometimes encounter problems during these walks. These problems have less to do with my dog and more to do with other people.

My dog is normally not aggressive toward people who don't give off skeevy vibes. He is an enthusiastic people lover, so he does like to jump on people. He doesn't get that opportunity because I shorten his leash and go around other people. :) The sidewalks are pretty big around here. There is always a couple a feet between me with my dog and other people so this is usually okay. Until I meet people with odd attitudes.

Story from the other day:
I was taking Rusty on a walk past the corner store. I had an odd interaction with an older women pushing a  shopping cart (Woman with Cart, WWC). She came out of the parking lot of the corner store from behind me. I assumed she was taking the cart to one of the many parked cars close to the store that lined the street. I walked closer to the field and further from the road so she could get to them.
                  Woman With Cart: "Does he bite?"  This question/demand came out of nowhere and I jumped a little. I turned around to reply but didn't get the chance.
                   WWC: "I have been trying to get around you!!!" *GLARE*  (Wow, I've never met someone older than the phrases excuse me and pardon me before.) I was a little confused by her irritation at me. The sidewalk is huge. She could have gone easily around me. ?
                Me: "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were walking this way." Polite smile, moving into the field.
WWC passes me. I wait until she's gone several yards ahead of me. The dog and I continued on his walk. This apparently personally offended the woman, because she kept looking back at me to give me the evil-stink eye. Over and over again. She'd go a few feet, stop, turn her head, and throw me and my dog a glare. Finally we reached a corner and I was both pissed off and amused. I stopped and waited for WWC to look back at me again. Then I returned her stink eye with one my own. She looked horrified. I smiled politely and then turned the corner before she could recover what little wits she must have had. It was petty and stupid of me, but I felt a little better.


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