Apr. 10th, 2009 12:26 pm
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I have a dog (and two cats, but this post is about my dog).

He was a 'gift' from 'friends'. I found dog sitting turned into dog owning after a while. :) Worked out for me and the dog, Rusty.

He has some quirks. He dislikes a lot of other animals. He'll tolerate and play with the animals I like, but I get the feeling he's just humoring me. I asked my vet about his behavior and the she just told me some house pets are territorial. Rusty hasn't shown any aggression towards my cats. 

We're a happy family.

I walk Rusty a couple of times a day. There are a lot of empty fields around here for him to do his business in. I clean up after him. I sometimes encounter problems during these walks. These problems have less to do with my dog and more to do with other people.

My dog is normally not aggressive toward people who don't give off skeevy vibes. He is an enthusiastic people lover, so he does like to jump on people. He doesn't get that opportunity because I shorten his leash and go around other people. :) The sidewalks are pretty big around here. There is always a couple a feet between me with my dog and other people so this is usually okay. Until I meet people with odd attitudes.

Story from the other day:
I was taking Rusty on a walk past the corner store. I had an odd interaction with an older women pushing a  shopping cart (Woman with Cart, WWC). She came out of the parking lot of the corner store from behind me. I assumed she was taking the cart to one of the many parked cars close to the store that lined the street. I walked closer to the field and further from the road so she could get to them.
                  Woman With Cart: "Does he bite?"  This question/demand came out of nowhere and I jumped a little. I turned around to reply but didn't get the chance.
                   WWC: "I have been trying to get around you!!!" *GLARE*  (Wow, I've never met someone older than the phrases excuse me and pardon me before.) I was a little confused by her irritation at me. The sidewalk is huge. She could have gone easily around me. ?
                Me: "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were walking this way." Polite smile, moving into the field.
WWC passes me. I wait until she's gone several yards ahead of me. The dog and I continued on his walk. This apparently personally offended the woman, because she kept looking back at me to give me the evil-stink eye. Over and over again. She'd go a few feet, stop, turn her head, and throw me and my dog a glare. Finally we reached a corner and I was both pissed off and amused. I stopped and waited for WWC to look back at me again. Then I returned her stink eye with one my own. She looked horrified. I smiled politely and then turned the corner before she could recover what little wits she must have had. It was petty and stupid of me, but I felt a little better.


Mar. 15th, 2009 12:35 pm
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For the past couple of weeks I've felt adrift. It's less of a relaxing buoyancy and more of a 'oh god, oh god, my ship went down and here I am'.

I'm holding my breath to float on top of water, but eventually I'm going to have to breathe and sink. Maybe I'll be in luck and float past my confusion and doubts.

Hoo. I need to sleep.

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Family weekends. Fun.

My youngest sister and I always end up fighting. I get upset, she gets enraged.

Sometimes I get so frustrated that I start to cry and get depressed.

I'm the oldest and am expected to cater to my younger sisters. Bail them out of trouble, bad relationships, jail, financial problems, etc.

If I loan my youngest sister anything, it ends up broken, ripped, wet, or trampled on. If I don't loan her items or money when she needs it, I get a guilt trip from my family.

If I need help I am expected to deal with it on my own. Hurray at my support system.

If I rebel against the system my family has worked out I am treated like a monster.

The sad part? I don't know what I'd do without my family. One of my greatest fears is losing them. 

'When she was good she was very very good but when she was bad she was horrid'.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

That's how my family is.

Wow. It seems most of this journal is dedicated to the rambles of my family. Ouch. :/


Nov. 26th, 2008 06:35 pm
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I'm going to try and post more about my life. So...

My mother has major depression. She's had it for most of her life.

The depression causes her to be paranoid. On bad days, she catches fragments of other people's conversations and assumes they are talking about her in a negative way. Even the most innocent conversation of strangers becomes a fragmented dagger to her. Maybe she'll overhear conversation about spiders and later replay it in her mind. Only this time the overheard conversation involved comparing her to a disgusting spider.

These imagined conversations make her even more depressed and cause a constant state of low self-esteem.

It's hard for her to make decisions on good days because she doubts herself.

My sisters and I were (and still are) Mom's life line. My aunt (her sister) is Mom's anchor.

The depression is only one facet of my mother.

She is also a kind person who loves animals. She enjoys taking nature hikes. Mom loves to write cheesy romance in the hope that it will someday be published. She's always there for a hug or a pat on the back.

Sometimes she was all that kept us afloat when I was little. If my aunt was the anchor, mom was the buoy.


Fun day

Nov. 9th, 2008 08:46 am
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Today was a good day.

That's it.
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Part of my 4th of July was spent in a hospital emergency room.


Fingers-Lighter-Lit Flare Sparkler.

My family is having the traditional late dinner barbecue. Neighbors are freely welcome to come over and join in the festivity, which includes firecrackers. We light pretty fountains, flash flares, snakes, smoke bombs, various other flares, and sparklers after we've run out of everything else. It's a time for people to mingle and catch up on summer fun.

Once we run at of good firecrackers, we finish off the barbecue with sparkler play.
I go on light detail for the sparklers using a normal BIC lighter. Some of the neighbors have brought their own sparkles to be lit. This includes our neighbor Tara and her daughter, Ann. Tara gives Ann a sparkler for me to light. She neglects to tell me they are not ordinary sparklers. Tara's sparklers are of the flare variety. Right after being lit, they flare up a trail of colored fire before sparking. No one informed me of this fact. I had to find out for myself.

I lit the flare sparkler and the flare sparkler decided to return the favor for my fingers. :D Thanks, Tara.

Cue me going to the hospital with burns on my hand.

Many others had ended up in the emergency room in various 4th accidents. Most of them involved alcohol.

Me: Minor second degree burns on two of my fingers.
Ann: Not hurt, but shaken up. :/
Tara: Apologetic, but still an idiot. WTF? Ann could have been the one with burnt fingers.
Eric: Hauled his drunken ass home. Probably to have a fight with Jess again.
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I have Veoh TV player. It lets you watch high quality videos which are longer in length than 30 minutes. This by itself is a sucky business practice by Veoh, but not part of why it is currently pissing me off.

I tried to log-in today only to have an error message come up. 'Invalid username/password. Register to create free account.'

So I retype my username/pass, try again. Same error. I try it twice more. VeohTV refuses to recognize my username/password. Fine, crazy bug.

So I'll just register a new account under a different e-mail. Get through the joy of doing that run around, and open VeohTV.

I enter my sparkling new username/pass combo. The same error comes up.


I go to the forums, try all the 'solutions' there. None of them work, of course. Although, I'd like to thank the helpful USERS who posted them.

I search around, only to learn that the Veoh Staff won't be getting this looked at until Monday. WOW. That is some superb staffing right there. No techs or programmers on the weekends

Veoh TV: Three Thumbs Down Until I Hit Hell


May. 16th, 2008 12:06 am
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Wow. I just remembered the password for this journal.

I created it a while ago, forgot about it, and created a new journal > [profile] devil_senshi
Now I'm trying to move everything from the other journal over here, but it might take some time.

First, I'm going to re-join all the communities I was part of.

Please don't mind the lack of posts, icons, theme, etc. I'm going to fix it up.[Bad username or unknown identity: ]


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