Jul. 4th, 2009

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I don't really have a problem with any religious viewpoint. Unless you believe you have a right to use that belief/viewpoint to condescend to others.

For instance, debating religion:

The minute anyone starts throwing around ~imaginary friend~ or ~lol, skye-fairy~ in a condescending manner is the minute I can tell that person is a dumbass and should be given a wide berth.  (Looking at you, Joss Whedon. Sorry. I liked Buffy, but you produce too much smug for me to be a fan.* )

It's the same for religious people who tell you they'll 'pray for your poor, hell-bound soul'. (That's nice. Maybe one day I'll be condescending enlightened just like you.)

There is difference between debating religion rationally and 'lol, you're silly'.

It's not about being close-minded, 'open-minded', 'standing up for your beliefs'. It's about claiming you want to debate when all you really want to do is condescend to people you think are wrong.

And I'm not saying people shouldn't be allowed to go 'lol, silly' at anything. Just that it probably shouldn't be used as part of a civil debate.

(Using you in the general sense, of course.)

*Part of this is how 'fuck yes, I'm awesome' you act like, and part of it is your fans. Who can get pretty defensive about you.

~I'm Agnostic~

<Happy 4th of July>


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